I brand and build custom websites based on an easy-to-use platform*.


A website is an important part of any brand. I put a lot of effort into understanding as much as possible about my client’s identity and business needs. This is the foundation the rest of a project relies on – from a design concept (sometimes including a new logotype) to a turnkey website.

I have been designing full-time since my twenties. Magazines, annual reports, web sites. Today, I’m experienced but not yet bored. Some of my design solutions comes out of experience, others by sheer curiosity. My most powerful design tool is typography. Excellent typography will change everything.

Custom CSS + javascript
Squarespace offers a lot of free out-of-the box templates. The upside is fast build times. The downside, and this is significant, is that your new website will look just like tens of thousands other sites. Here’s where the combination of an experienced designer and CSS (the programming language that shapes the web) makes a difference. My knowledge of CSS (and to a certain extent, javascript) makes me able to create designs that aligns with your personal or professional brand.

Information architecture
Building a new website is no longer just a technical project. It is all about communication. What do you want to tell, and in what order? Remember, hierarchy is God. Who are you addressing? And what content should be left out? I can help you sort this out, shaping an effective information architecture.

Editing and microcopy
As a journalist with a university degree and a few decades behind a keyboard, I know how to write and edit text and microcopy, those small, but important words that makes site navigation effective. These words also convey a lot of brand personality.

* I use the Squarespace publishing platform for all projects